One lazy Sunday and a tour through my temporary house

Haaa after a lazy saturday there’s always a lazy sunday, especially if your not accustomed to your new surroundings.
I can’t say today was boring, because it wasn’t. I was glad to have some time to myself, to just relax, read some fanfics and get my room clean. But aside from that, there was just one more interesting thing that’s happened today (though i wouldn’t exactly say that cleaning your room is exciting). Anyways, Emiko-sans imotho (little sister) came to visit us with her husband. So we ate lunch together and talked a little. Her husband is actually quite fluent in english and a history professor at chuo university, a special one at that. Hiroki-san (i think that was her name) is a history professor herself. Later they joked about their jobs, because Hiroki-san and her husband have history as their strong point and Emiko-san and Tetsuo-san are both working in the science department, Tetsuo-san being the only one without a professortitle/grade.
After lunch they went to greet the womens’ mother who lives across the street and had a little piece of cake with her, the rest of the cake staying at our house. 2 hours later they came back and we ate the leftover pieces of applepie with a cup of coffee. Not long after finishing the cake and some pictures, they left.
It was a very enjoyable sundayafternoon, I had a lot of time to myself, yet had some fun time with my japanese family.

Not a long post today, but sundays are lazy, especially sundays in autumn, so grey and cold. Perfect for laying in bed. That’s where i am right now, so have fun! Seeya!


My Family: Standing: Hiroki-san and her Husband - Sitting: Tetsuo-san and Emiko-san




diningroom - right side: kitchen


livingroom - left: bathroom - halfleft: hall - halfright: Emiko-sans room - right: garden


hall - left: stairs up to my floor






controler for the toilette


my bathroom upstairs


my room


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