A lazy saturday

Oi, as the title says, I was extremely lazy today, eating breakfast at 11:30 and then getting ready for the day.
We planned to go shopping today and so I thought we would go groceryshopping for maybe half an hour, but Emiko-san and Tetsuo-san had other plans. First we drove a drugstore called ‘Matsumoto KiYoshi’ – the biggest drugstorechain in japan and probably the best too – because it was HUUUUUGE not only big but huge! Only make-up and stuff took up about 8-9m, and it was just huge. so that took about half an hour. Then we drove to another store, 2 stories high (but somehow only the upper plane was used). We came in and I thought I’d go insane. This one actually was an electronical market, selling refridgerators, watercooker and cell phones and stuff and it may sound like there are no such stores in other countries but this one was also huuuuuge considering I live in the outskirts of a suburban city of tokyo. It had like 20 different kinds and designs of watercooker, 15 ricecooker – small or big – asian grillplates – small or big – 4 big shelves of smartphone/iphone protection covers and so the list goes on. But the most shocking was, in the middle of the store there were actually some shelves with groceries, drinks, baby stuff and so on. I was like ‘what?! You kiddin’?’. And I actually got lost – twice – and Tetsuo-san too. Hilarious. After Emiko-san and me found him we went for the cashier, payed and drove to our last destination – the grocery store. You may remember I said that they are gross, but that actually only was me assuming and reasoning. The one I visit last time (and my first time too) was a small one around the corner, just for the most necessary purchases. The one we were at today was so awesome, I fell in love! Such a variety on things, especially fresh things and fish, they had warm meals, ready to eat, they had huge presentsets, it was clean and very well-arranged.
Having finished that too, we came home about 15:30 and just lazed infront of the TV after unpacking the groceries to their right place. Some time during our lazy hours Tetsuo-san asked me if I wanted to have lunch at mcdonalds and maybe get that super flashy pokemon calender FOR FREE! (you may imagine my reaction now) So we did nothing other than that, I squealed in joy when I finally held it in my hands and beamed at Tetsuo-san. We ate our burger there and took the 15er nuggets home to eat them there in front of the TV. Due to the bad weather here we sometimes had only a bad signal if anything at all and it was very irritating while watching the queen’s diamond jubilee and the performances. When it was over at 9o’clock I went up to my room to get ready and have some alone time, like every evening.
I’d like to thank my precious big little sister for always making me smile and laugh at her crazy fangirl messages, saranghae

Anyways, so that was my lazy day, nothing to talk about, but a lot of pictures!


mcces meal


fruit n vegetables




some octopus




cheese with pizza taste


warm meals - pizza, some sandwiches




fermented milk, quite tasty actually




that too


and that too


and that toooo


3 thoughts on “A lazy saturday

  1. Fancy that even a lazy day can be so exciting, I can really see you and Tetsuo-san searching for the way out of that electronical market :-).
    Here at home we had a typical grey and rather cold november day. I was at Kerstin’s helping to finish the last room in the house (Spachteln….what else…). Emma stayed at home, reading her Korean stuff. Nothing else happened here. Your life is much more exciting I believe. So do enjoy every minute, and continue to write about all the things you make. One day it might turn out being a book – who knows. At least it’s very amusing to read about your adventures and I look forward to every new day in your Japanese life. Send my very best regards to Tetsuo-san and Emiko-san (hope she is doing well).
    LoL Mum

  2. Maaaaan, Anna! I’m so envious, you know that right? Your host parents are so cute and everything looks so exciting! Those pictures of the streets in Japan remind me so much of Infinite’s White Christmas- you probably still remember right? Such a great feeling. As you know – from whatsapp.. what else?- I’m having a very stressful time, it’ll probably last for 4 weeks. 4 WEEKS.. and you’re in Japan, exploring everything.
    You just stayed there for less than a week and I already have the feeling that you’ve been there for months!
    Haha, lots of love my dear. ❤

    • Haha yes, they are, aren’t they? And of course I do remember! How could I forget this lovely song, sung by my biases? ;D And the streets really look like the ones in the mv, so lovely. But yes, I too feel like it has been at least some weeks I’ve alread stayed here. An it’s more to come, the next week i’m just travelling here and there and everywhere ❤ ;3
      you know, after those 4 weeks of hard and stressful work it's already christmas, where you can relax and get some presents. and soon you're outta school too 😉 time will fly by 🙂
      billionen kisses :*

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