First week of work in the new year

So yeah, it’s the second week of january. It’s scary to see how fast time flies by. This week has been no different, it went by in lightspeed.
Starting monday, I had my first workday. I arrived there around 10o’clock and did did some labelling samples and stuff, stamped some kind of checks or something and actually just some minor paperwork. We had lunch in that seafoodrestaurant i went to with Micchan and Suzuki-san some time ago. It was really good but just too much. After work I went home straight and still came home late, but I had to eat something so I did some quick ready-meal and cooked some curry rice. Going to bed early and getting up the next day, I was feeling rather sick due to my New Years sickness which only got worse. Either way, I came to work and got some kind of research thing to do, had to copy a cd, nothing big. For lunch I had brought an Obento I had made at home, a simple one, just rice and some meat and then the whole afternoon I continued my research and occassionally doind some stamps work. After leaving work I cobtenplated about searching for that danceschool I had found on the internet or not and somehow I did. I landed in Shinjuku and strolled through Kabukicho which was stuffed with young, hip looking guys, illuminated by thousands of lights. It actually did seem a bit scary and dubious but I didn’t mind, I just wandered the streets to my destination. When I arrived I found that there was no danceschool but a hospital – googlemaps had lied to me! A little disappointed I went back and searched for some food, I had actually planned to go to pizza hut that day and the internet said there was one not that far away – once again disappointment washed over me when I hadn’t found any pizza. (I was soooo so hungry for pizza!) So instead I went to Burger King – I get reminded every time I’m there why I like McDonalds better. Ugh. Everything hadn’t gone according to plan but i didn’t mind because I had the chance to wander the streets and grow accostumed and familiar with that area. Still, to give that evining a special flair I thought I really should try a ‘cat cafe’ – a cafe where cats live. You can pet them and buy them small snacks, play with them and also buy yourself a drink or read a manga, actually a nice idea amd the cats were cute too, but you had no chance to pet them if you didn’t have anything to eat, that made me sad. Anyways, after approximately an hour I left, they were closing anyways, and went downstairs onto the streets, magically drawn into that game arcade at the crossway, so I took my rounds and left with a one piece towel – great! When I came out, most shops had already closed or were just closing so I opted to get home as soon as possible, and so I did. I came home and got ready for my bed.
The next morning I felt like shit, a dry throat and a completely snottystuffed nose, disabling me from getting oxygen. Still i dragged myself to work, but i was so sleepy that I always dozed off, so i just took my lunchpause to sleep. After that I regained a lot of strength to continue my research work. That evening I stayed longer at work so I could finally have a much needed talk to my mom and when I finished after 1h 15min my coworkers just laughed and wondered how I could talk to my mother for this long (and we could’ve actually continued for hours I believe). It was already 19:25 when i left work and I had barely eaten that day, luckily I was longing for some gyu don sooo badly so I just rushed across the street and ate ate ate, it was sooooo delicious! But afterwards I had such a full tummy it actually hurt to even walk. I just wanted to get home and into my bed, which I did.
And even though I got to bed early yesterday I still overslept and got to work late today, but it didn’t matter so much since I had no work today. I just sat at my desk for 6h and studied, studied, studied. My head really hurt after all the input, but I learned a lot. I also always write down new vocabulary, now I should just kick myself to actually review that stuff sometime. Still I felt a huge wave of pride hitting me today when I realised I had gotten better at reading and understanding, it’s getting easier to see and understand the meanings and grammar of a sentence, so some more practice and I can actually start building up a little stock of important vocabs I need to converse. A little progress, that’s all I need for now.
When I came home after work today, and even though I left early early I still managed to cime home late – it’s a vicious circle! – but either way, I came home and was greeted by Yuya-san. We had a fun evening, cooking and eating together, he tought me new words and amswered all of my questions. He really is a nice guy and very understanding. Later Agustin joined us, but it was already so late that Yuya-san and me went to bed some time later.

So that’s it for today. Tomorrow I’ll go out again, closing party at gamuso, I’ll meet my friends, Eric, Laura, PV and Keigo and some from New Years eve even, and some of my cohabitants will join us, it sounds like tons of fun! Other than that it’s going to be quite, but I’ll tell you more during the upcoming days, SEE Y’ALL DEARS~~~


What a cat cafe looks like


2 thoughts on “First week of work in the new year

  1. I would say the cat cafe is a big no no , would’nt catch on here , and dos’nt realy look as if its “cat”ching on in Japan .
    hugs Dougie x

  2. It was soooo good to talk to you again honey and yes, I could have talked to you for another hour! It’s good to know you are OK (even with a sore throath and snuffy nose….). But a little bit more sleep would probably do you good!

    The cat cafe is indeed somewhat strange – wouldn’t say it looks very inviting, more like a warehouse for cat’s toys and accessories….
    But other people – other habits šŸ˜‰
    It’s great to hear your Japanese studies are slowly showing results, remember it’s only two months since you came there. I’m convinced you will be able to comprehend and speak quite fluently before you will be leaving.
    Take care, my hunny bunny,
    A wee bear hug from Emma and a huge one from mummy xxxxxxxxxxx

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