Some bonding nights

Hello there!
It’s been a weekend, stuffed with lots of new people, bonding and new experinces. Since I felt kinda ill on thursday evening I thought that maybe sleeping a little longer on friday morning would make me feel a little better. So I got up 9o’clock and got ready to leave for work. Work on friday was really nothing big, in fact I didn’t do anything, because the others were busy with paperwork and there was nothing I could help with. For lunch I had some awesome japanese curryrice. Japanese curryrice is probably the best I’ve ever eaten. I left work at 7 o’clock and I was actually the first to leave, the end of the year, really seems to be very tiring. But I wasn’t on my way home, actually I had made an appointment with Koh, whom I got to know last weekend and it was a puuuuure mess, yeah? We made up to meet at Tokyo Central Exit and I thought it would be ok, because it’s not that hard to read a small map. I had actually never been to Tokyo Station before that except for the Shinkansenride to Koriyama and back home. So now I stood there at the exit from the subway at 19:25 – 5 minutes left – and no map whatsoever. Taking a random way, I somehow ended up walking the opposite direction and realised it when I came up to ground level and asked someone, who pointed into the direction I just came from. When I got to the Trainstation it was already 19:45 and I thought I had finally found the Central Exit, which on the other hand was blocked by a thousands of people – the elections taking places. A thing I haven’t talked about, is that Japan’s Primeminister retired some weeks ago and during my first weeks here there were lots of campaigns for the election day 16.12. So on friday the results were made public with a huge lightshow cast against the Marunouchi Central Entrance, though I couldn’t watch it because I still was in a hurry. I waited for the whole thing to end, so I could look around the Central Exit, but I found no one and then I waited. Later I thought it would be pointless to wait, so I walked around, discovering my surroundings and Tokyo Central Station is like HUUUUUUGE, just as huge as Ikebukuro and Shinjuku (ok, I mean I’m in the worlds biggest urban city, why am I still surprised?). After strolling around aimlessly I found out that there is another Central Exit – the Yaesu Central Exit, attached to shopping passage of the Trainstation. I went around there, didn’t find him and I was so worried, and worst was, he couldn’T reach me, because I’m not available on my cellphone. It took us another 25minutes of searching, worrying and other feelings to find each other. You can’t imagine what relieve washed over me when I finally hugged him and could explain my misery, hoping to show him I never wanted to stand him up, oh I really felt so bad. Anyways, finally reunited, we made our way to a restaurant and that was easier said then done. Tokyo, rush hour, friday night – All things that didn’t play for us, but after going into the 3rd we got 2 places after waiting for maybe 5 more minutes. There are no words to describe how delicious it was, the feeling and the food were amazing. We both each got a little plate and many small dishes served, from radish, over cucumber to pork, chicken, beef , onigiri and various other typical japanese dishes. Sitting there, eating and talking about everything there is on the world, time flew by like sand runs through hands and it was already 23:30. Leaving we took a quick stop in the conbini above for some dessert and went to the Trainstation just some minutes away. Since my subwaytrain already had left, I took the Railwaytrain back, pretty convinient that there are two stations here. The train was ridiculously full, I think it was the last one, and one or two stops after I got on, it reminded me of this clown joke with the car and I promise it looked just like that. It was already quite crowded in the train, at one stop there wasn’t even one getting off and at that particular stop, there were especially many people waiting, about 30 or 40 people wanted to get on and I stood there at the doors watching how two by two people got into the wagon and it just wouldn’t stop. In the end I barely could stand, nearly sitting on the lap of a stranger and I clung to the bar for dear life, yet I couldn’t stop smiling and silently snickering to myself. It was too hilarious seeing everyone cramped into this small space, unable to move anything aside from their head, also this foreign feeling is quite enticing I think, but I’m sure I’m probably alone with that point of view. My way home was nice and quite, and I went to bed quite imidiately after opening the door to my room.

Saturday I stayed in bed until 17o’clock, where I left the house to do some grocery shopping in the shopping passage near the stations. Shopping here is really fun, but a little hard, especially milkproductes and stuff like that. I came back and Yuya-san was making dinner fo himself, so I asked him how to cook rice in the ricecooker and he did, after he finished his cooking I got to mine and prepared dinner for myself. He had already eaten up when I got ready, but we nevertheless stayed seated in front of the TV and had some nice little chat while watching TV, until Agustin, the guy from argentina came home around 23:30  and I just got a mail from Laura saying there was a birthday party at gamuso. So I asked Agustin if he wanted to join me and an hour later, after meeting the french guy, his name is Remy, and his korean girlfriend, we bid our goodbye’s and headed for the bar. We came there and it was just like last time, not even 5 minutes after coming into the bar we were already involved into deep conversations, laughing nonstop. It continued the whole night and we somehow ended up staying until 4:45am, but once again I won at least a hand full of new friends, this bar seems to be some kind of family and everyone is welcomed. Awesome feeling. We went home in a matter of 20 minutes and got to bed maybe 10 minutes later.
I slept until 3pm and even when I was awake I wasn’t able to pull up and get out of bed so I stayed in the whole day, lazed around and cleaned my room.
Tomorrow is Christmas and I’m meeting up with Laura and some of her friends, we are going ice-skating and out for dinner, a nice girls-night-out.

Merry Christmas, Kurisumasu Omedeto, Good Jul and Frohe Weihnacht. I wish you health, a nice day with your family and lots of presents!

See you in a bit!


Tokyo from Marunouchi Central Exit


My dinner


The restaurant – it was so noisy, but that was actually appealing, it created an unique atmosphere




4 thoughts on “Some bonding nights

  1. Hallo Pupsi,

    ich wünsche dir ein frohes Weihnachtsfest, merry Christmas und god Jul in die fremde! Ich hoffe das du ein paar schöne Stunden hast, ich werde bestimmt mal ganz kurz an dich denken;-)

    Hab viel Spaß,
    Bis bald

  2. Ah,!that was a bit longer than the last blog , Anna-San. Can you not get a cheap cell phone for the calls in Japan ? Or even another sim card , anyway youll sort it out , Have a nice xmas , can Santa get down these wee Japanese chimneys ? Hugs X

  3. Hi my Sweet Love! Wish you all the Best there is for Christmas, a few peaceful days and some Nice evenings with your New Friends!
    It’s a weird Feeling to celebrate Christmas without you this Year…
    Have Lots of Fun and remember Not to do anything I wouldn’t do… 😉
    Lots of Love and kisses and hugs!

  4. God Jul my Honey bee! Just preparing the Julbord and look forward to Julskinka, Sillsallad och köttbullar 🙂 Are missing you a lot under the Christmas tree but I’m sure you will have lots of fun with your new friends. Snow fell yesterday but it soon started raining in the afternoon so today there are only the remainders left and all wet and mesy. We’ll be thinking of you and don’t let the bugs bite you…. 😉
    Love you lots XoXoXoX

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