Confusing Shinjuku

Since I didn’t update yesterday, let me sum it up.
So as usual i went to work, I’ve actually started to work everyday now and it’s really tiring. I can definitely relate to japanese people being spent all day. Most people start their work at 9o’clock and leave around 6pm and that’s also the way my workday looks like. Not so tiring actually, what get’s tiring is the way to work. For me it’s 9hours plus 2 more just for the way to work and back home. And when I get home I often stay up late due to relaxing or spending the evening with my cohabitants, like yesterday. The air conditioner is not really helping my situation, because sitting in the cool wind it produces freezing my ass off and an hour later sitting there sweating like there’s no tomorrow can’t be healthy. So I’ve been feeling kinda sick these last days, but nevermind.
So yeah, I was at work yesterday, came home and sat down with Agustin, the guy from argentina, and ate dinner in front of the tv and had a nice, long conversation and he too is quite similar to me, friendly, outgoing and a little crazy. Yuya-san joined us later and we continued our talk. Around 0:30 we bid our good nights and I went to bed half an hour later, only to wake up at 7am, to catch the train at 8:19 for work. I sat around, did some copy and paste, did some documents for Tetsuo-san, helped Micchan with some damaged boxes again and had some gyu don for lunch. In between I always slacked off a littel but that’s quite common here in Japan. I left work at 18:15 and got on my way home but made a stop in Shinjuku because I wanted to research on something. Trying to find the shop I was searching for, I ran around in circles for 4 hours, passing some spots for at least 3 times this evening, because it is just tooo fucking huge. The station alone is already a city in it’s own, having more than 20 exits. How are you suppossed to find a little shop in streets consisting of meters and meters high buildings, illuminated by thousands of advertisement, yet looking like every other street in that part. It’s beautiful, without a doubt, but still Shinjuku is too big for my taste, and crowded as hell, very expensive too and just not my taste. I need to pass by in broad daylight the next time.
Anyways, i came home about 22:45, completely drained. Now I have a headache and it’s time for me to go to bed.

See you all around!


My delicious lunch yesterday








Illumination on shinjuku terrace


East exit of shinjuku station


Takashimaya, near shinjuku station and the illumination


4 thoughts on “Confusing Shinjuku

  1. Ooops , I think you’ll have to do something about the aircon. doesn’t sound too good , hope you’re wee bedroom is not the same . Main thing is too keep warmer as cooler , and , the end of the world has come and gone so the aircon problem might not be that bad :-)),
    Huggs Dougie

  2. Well, is your AC not with a regulator so you can set the temperature to what you like or is it just 0 or 50° and nothing inbetween?? Maybe you need som longjohns underneeth your leggings 🙂 Good to know at least two of your cohabitants are decent guys… But you should try to get some more sleep (always listen to mummy :-)…..) Life’s hard, eh? Working 9 hours 5 days a week. Suppose that’s what growing up means (sorry – just had to say this stupid sentence….that’s what mummy’s are for 🙂 )
    Millions of kisses and a big bear hug, Mum

  3. Här kommer julhälsningar från Västerås! Tack vare dig har jag nu kommit över en mycket hög tröskel i form av att försöka mig på att läsa engelska texter! (Ja jag vet, jag borde verkligen ha skrivit det här på engelska…) Vad mycket du får vara med om! Erfarenheter du kommer att ha god nytta av i ditt fortsatta – inte alltid så spännande – (vuxen-)liv 🙂
    Julkramar från Kajsa

    • Hej Kajsa!
      Du kann inte tänka dig hur glad jag blev över ditt första kommentar, men det har varit så stressigt hos mej så att jag inte fåt möjligehten o sitta ner ordentligt. Det fins mycket o uppleva här, många grejer jag kann lära mej – jette spännande!
      Men det spelar roll, kul att du gillar den och att den hjälper! Vi kann ju försköka o prata lite engelska nästa gång vi ses!

      Hoppas ni har haft det bra o lungt dom sista dagarna, önskar er ett gott nytt år!
      Sending you a big hug~

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