A calm monday? No way!

I don’t think I’ll get that many calm days if this keeps on. Though, it’s nice to be away all day, seeing a lot of things, but on the other side it’s just as tiring. Coming home late with the only wish to just shut off, lay in bed and maybe read something it get’s hard to keep up writing everyday. So it may occur more often that I won’t update everyday. Anyways, yesterday was a fun day, even teaching me new things. I am really bad at going to bed early so I tend to be very sleepy in the morning and it has gotten even worse the past days. Getting up earlier than normal was quite the challenge for me but I passed, though I’d rather stayed in bed, the thought of going to the dentist seeming not really appealing to me. Already being a little late, I put on some clothes, packed my things, even leaving half the important stuff at home and ran out the front door ony way to the subwaystation. Changing train in Shinjuku, I drove to Harajuku – a very nice and appealing part of Tokyo I learned (maybe due to the fact that it’s one of Tokyo’s most expensive districts) – in search for the english speaking dentist I found via google search. It was only a five minute walk from the railwaystation, located in a small sidestreet. The interior of the location looked very nice and welcoming and the doctors assistant took care of me really well, since I hadn’t made an appointment due to the urgency of my visit – a hole in my tooth I’ve been living with for 5 weeks. Ugh. Never had I been so calm and composed during a session at a dentist, he not only closed my broken tooth but also let my long forgotten love for the dentist resurface. He was so collected and patient with me, though I’m not really a whiny person I still tend to show my nervousness with little protests and he withdrew the syringe instantly when I showed I’m really not ok with getting that, but he understandingly said ‘I know, that’s the most uncomfortable thing in the procedure, it’s only to numb your tooth’. Such a simple sentence probably every dentist uses, yet he made me calm down in a matter of seconds, his voice so soothing, but what caught me off guard was the lack of urgency. His tone was just so caring, trying to make me understand that he’d wait until I was ready, not pressuring the least bit. So I took deep breath and we got started, taking one full hour until I was ready to leave. Hell, I paid a fortune on that, but it’s legitime and I’m happy I spent it there. After paying I left again and headed for the train, back to Shinjuku, switching trains and off to work. Yesterday I sat the whole day fusing plastic bags, cutting off the ends and filling them an instruction book before closing them. Actually I liked it a lot, I favour practical works over some copy and paste, especially since it was rather easy. It kept me occupied for the whole day, before I tiredly drove home around 6pm. On my walk home I stopped by one of the conbini and bought some toilette cleaner and my dinner. When I finally entered my house, cleaning the toilette was the first thing on my mind. 5 guys living under one roof – you don’t expect them to clean, do you? The toilette stinks and looked like shit and I was so happy when I had cleaned most of it. After that I proceeded to clean the kitchen area because that looked just as disguting. I’m really not someone who lives super clean, actually I’m rather messy myself, but kitchen and toilette are something that must be kept clean in an acceptable state not with old food pieces laying in the sink, rotting away or everything getting oily because of the dust it’s collected. Ugh, I just had to clean, so I stood there the whole evening cleaning the working space and sink, even cleaning the ricecooker and the dishes. Meanwhile I tried to cook rice, but I failed big time, my rice dissipating into a sticky unidentifiable substance. Yuya-san, my japanese cohabitant, came home somewhere during my cleaning, made himself some dinner and started watching TV. I joined him after finishing, sitting there with some cupnoodles and a tea. We sat there occassionally talking, watching TV until the guy from argentina came home, a japanese girl named Eri as his guest. He went to shower so Eri-san sat with us and talked english with me and japanese with Yuya-san. Autin (the guy from argentina and hell I don’t know how to write his name) came from the shower and joined us, too, so we talked quite friendly and it turned out to be a nice, funny evening with my cohabitants. In midst of all, even the weird american guy showed his face when he wanted to take a shower. I’ve seen him once, the night I talked to the italien guy the first time, but we haven’t even talked with each other even less, not even introduced each other, but he needed to nag and complain yesterday the first thing he does. He never as much as showes his face to us, neither is he talking to any of us, but when you see him he is groggy and weird and complaining. He has this ‘just-fuck-off-and-stop-bothering-me’-attitude all the time, 24/7, so I don’t really want a conversation with him, that’s fine. Anyways, after he left the shower again, the other two also left for their room and I was alone with Yuya. We finished watching a programme about the Titanic and then he wanted to call it a day, I was fine with that and just got under the shower before I too retreated into my room, it was already midnight so I played around a little more. When my neighbor, Tamo (ital.), came home he knocked at my door and gave me some really delicious cake as a welcoming present and that made me really happy. Not longer after that I got to bed and groggily woke up in the morning. I got up early again, havingto take a detour for the dentist once again, but not for long so I arrived at work 10:15am and instantly started working, continuing with the files I did yesterday. Today I had to label oxygenmasks and attach the instructionbook to it, 140 times. It was occupying me and my mind so I was happy about doing it. For lunch I went down to the conbini with Micchan and we got some things to eat, I got myself some Onigiri (riceballs, oh they taste so good) and a box of takoyaki, while Micchan took the same cheese-noodle dish I had days ago for our shared dinner at the company. We got up, sat down together and ate happily and just as we were about to finish, Tetsuo-san came in for the first time that day, reminding Micchan that she actually had to go do something so she rushed up and wanted to clean up but I assured her I would do, so up and away she went while I cleaned and continued my work too. Tetsuo-san has this habit of randomly showing up by your side to just involve you in a small chat before disappearing again, so this happened quite often today, sometimes he would tell me something interesting, sometimes it would be to remind me of things I had to do. Finishing my task with the oxygenmasks around 16:35, I sat around, waiting for time to go by. I left 5:30pm, caught the train home, went home straight, an unbelievably strong wind striking my face, but that calmed down in the safe confines of my neighborhood. When I came home I got up in my imidiately and relaxed and somehow I got so sleepy that I took a little nap before I started writing. Now it’s two hours later and I’ve finished, so I can go downstairs to ready myself for bed. Night~ SeYaSoon! ;3


Lunch: Takoyaki, Onigiri, some weird chocolate bread and a clementine


Perfectly peeled clementines, bad habit of mine


The Keiki I got yesterday! Suuuuper delicious :9


2 thoughts on “A calm monday? No way!

  1. Not bad Anna just one bad guy from you’re house mates (typical ) did nobody say anything about you cleaning up ? Probably too ashamed at living in such a mess.
    Huggs Dougie

  2. Super start of your new life in the WG – cleaning up the toilet and the messy kitchen… 🙂 This is the real life with growing up and taking responsibility for not only yourself. I’m proud of you! And I’m proud of you, you had the guts to go to the dentist all by yourself in a foreign country!

    As for your room mates I’m glad only one of the guys seem weird and the other ones quite good fellows. But the most important is that you feel comfortable with what you’ve got.

    I’m fine with you writing less often but I couldn’t bear if you stop writing – reading the diary is like taking part of your life in a movie, I wouldn’t want to miss that for anything in the world!!!

    Take care my

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