Moving in and out

Lots and lots of bags laid sprawled out in my room this morning and I had still some things to pack away. I was desperately trying to stuff them somewhere. But thankfully I got up in time to pack the last things calmly. When I went down for breakfast I brought the first few bags with me and went to the kitchen to fill my stomach with a toast and some tea. Tetsuo-san already sat in the diningroom, working so early in the morning. After I finished, we proceeded to bring the rest of my things down to pack them in the car and took a rest until 10o’clock. Like every other day we drove together we were headed for Tokyo, taking a little rest along the way. Arriving in tokyo we drove by the company to pick up Micchan, since we invited her to come with us – she get’s off the subwaytrain just one station before me, so she lives quite in my neighborhood. The ride there was already worth a billion pictures, getting on the metropolitan highway in Otemachi, a business district, lined with lots of high buildings, continuing our way, passing by Yoyogi, Shinjuku and other big districts. It took us about 45min via highway to reach from Ochanomizu to Asagaya, which is located in west Tokyo and the highwaystreets are an adventure itself, I bet many men would love to race down these streets in a match. My point is, that I still can’t grasp how big Tokyo is, it’s incredible, unbelievable. And as big as the streets are on the highway, as soon as you come into the living area of each district it get’s cramped and stuffy and the streets are practically nonexistent – at least it seems like it when you sit in a car. The house itself is more like a backyard house, very cozy, maybe a little shady but still has it’s charms. On the opposite side of the small street there is a park for kids to play at. We have a nice living room, a very cramped and old kitchen, my room is small and lovely, just the right size I’d say, and the rest is ok. Though japanese house in general have very big negative points, like no heater, just an aircon, or the fact it’s actually only paper surrounding you. The cold and chilly temperatures from outside tend to creep inside the house through the walls and closed but still open windows. Anyways, we cleared all the signing and stuff and after Tetsuo-san and Micchan had left I took a long rest in my bed to calm down my nerves. So I laid there quite sometime, nobody of my housemates at home so I decided to take a look around and getting familiar with my surroundings. I located the subway station, found a huuuuge shopping street just along the street, only parted by a row of houses and I found the JR station, connected by that shoppingstreet. Asagaya, my current home, really is lovely with it’s narrow courtyardstreets, a huge variety of shops just hidden behind a wall of houses and broad ways along the centerroad. You have no other chance bit to fall in love. Even th subway line is perfect, connected to Shinjuku, Tokyo and Ikebukuro. The only thing many people would dislike is the fact that as soon as it get’s dark you tend to get lost because at night the living area turns into a scary maze where you think yor are never going to find the way out and it turns very dark and shady too. But other than that, it’s lovely, and actually rather famous for foreigners living here. It was a nice time out I had out, yet I got back early, thinking my housemates would sometime drop by but getting home by 7o’clock showed me otherwise. I was alone in the whole house for at least 3 hourse so I just stayed in my room not caring if anyone was coming home. And so my evening went by. Now it’s time for bed, so byebye!

Seeeyooouuaaall ;3


The corner we wanted to take by car - impossible!


My new home


Start of the shopping street


Somewhere in he middle of it


3 thoughts on “Moving in and out

  1. hope you e njoy your new home , mum and me are having fun wandering through the hills at the Lake District , in north England . ,
    hugs from Dougie

  2. Im glad everything is OK for you. The house looks good and I can imagine you like the surroundings with all the shops. It s good You live clo to Michan. Maybe yaou can spend some spare time with her. Dougie and I have a great time here in Ambleside, its a lovely area and we have made a wonderful walk today. Take care my darling and be careful not to get late for work now you are living on your own. Lots and lots of kisses and hugs, mum

  3. Oh Honey, hope you like your New Home and the New housematess, Wish you all the Best and send you billions of hugs and kisses!
    Love ya 🙂

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