Someone up for kaiten-zushi?

I got to work alone today, taking the railway for the last time for what I found later found out. Arriving at work around 10:45, I was there before Tetsuo-san and nevertheless got to work imidiately by helping Micchan repacking various boxes and sticking stickers to them, sometime during that work Tetsuo-san came and got very surprised. After finishing that, Micchan asked me to acconpany her to get our Obento we had ordered earlier. We got the 7 obento and misosoups and got back to the company for a nice lunch, only talking english. Getting back to work after lunch, I continued helping Micchan by sorting out damaged boxes and labelling the good ones. Clearing that task, I got to copy and paste 20 more googlepages for Fujie-san and that’s tiring as hell. The rest of the day I spent studying and listening to music a little, while the others worked hard, having a lot to do. Sometime during the day, Tetsuo-san asked me if it was ok for me to move tomorrow instead of saturday and i said ‘yes, why not?’. So fact is, due to complications at my current home, I learned on Sunday that I had to leave and my chances of staying in Japan for 7 more months was quite slim, because Tetsuo-san only looked for an apartment where I could stay for two month and that wasn’t my plan at all. So I searched for a host family and imidiately found a sharehouse in west tokyo for 50000¥ ~500€ a month, really cheap for tokyo standards! We looked at the room and I knew I wanted to have it. It’s small and cozy, I’m living together with 5guys – 1 each from france, italy, argentina, america and one japanese guy, all around 20-30 y.o. That’s going to be some fun! Haven’t even met them. The guy who showed us around the house was from poland, yet had already lived in japan for 5years and i was massively impressed by that. But I look forward to the exchange of information and stuff that’s waiting for me in my new home. Anyways, due to my moving tomorrow, Tetsuo-san decided to help me and drive me there by car, implying that we drove home together today. Since it was already quite late (and japanese people love to eat out) he asked me if I’d want to try some real japanese sushi. Many people don’t know, that japanese people don’t sushi that often, it’s actually a really expensive dish for people living. Of course there are some less expensive ones, but they also lack in quality. Still we drove to one kaiten-zushi restaurant in Chiba to have dinner. (Kaiten is the name for the famous rotating bar, where you can grab the sushi driving past you) And if you talk of sushi here, you mainly get nigiri (rice with fish/seafood, sometimes meat ontop), barely any maki (nori-rice rolls with filling). Quite the opposite to everywhere else. There were small 4seat-booths, on one side the treadmill transporting the different kinds of nigiri and maki, even drinks and desserts, a little faucet pouring hot water for instant green tea, some ginger and a box with chopsticks. On eyeheight there was a little computer where you could search for special dishes you wanted to have so you could order them without bothering anyone, very nice! We sat there and ate 8 plates full of sushi and an icecream for dessert. It was delicious to say the least, but sushi always makes so full, it’s somehow disgusting, but nevertheless worth it. We drove home and I got under the shower imidiately. After I came out I went to sit with Tetsuo-san and Emiko-san one last evening. Later I went upstairs to pack the last things here and there, so there’s only tomorrow left to come. I’ll sleep to make the time go by faster. Seeya’ll! ;3






Our plates


One thought on “Someone up for kaiten-zushi?

  1. That was quick Honey, hope everything will Be Fine for you in the New flat and the guys are Nice and decent and not to messy… Wish you all the Best for tomorrow! Will you Be able to continue writing As frequently? Hope so… Lots of Love, take Care! :-*

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