A short trip to Nagasaki-ya

I woke up early today, even before my alarm ringed, but stayed in bed until 12. Not just because I was lazy, but because I was feeling a little sick and somehow depressed. I just didn’t feel like getting up, so I layed there, dozing off sometimes or just staring at the ceiling. It doesn’t happen often I’m depressed, so I feel bad if it happens. Though I’m not homesick much. Either way, when I finally got up and ready, I headed down to have brunch only to find out Emiko-san had already left. So I had a little meal and went upstairs. Half an hour later I heard Emiko-san come back and I rushed out to greet her, she said she bought some sandwiches for lunch. Going downstairs, I went to the diningroom so we could have lunch and after that we had that reeeeeaally delicious apple from Fukushima, I’m not exactly a fan of apples, but those are too delicious to deny them! In the center they get yellow and semi-transparent, that’s what you call honey here in Japan and it tastes fantastic. And they are huuuge! Finishing lunch, dishes and a little talk with Emiko-san I went up to do some writing and relaxing before I decided to take a tour Nagasaki-ya for I had some little things to buy. I went down to say I was leaving and Emiko-san offered me to drive me there. 5 minutes I arrived there and said my thanks, before entering the mall. The first thing I saw were cute, fluffy wintersocks and since winters in Japan are really hard and cold, I thought I would need some. Looking around a little more I found gorgeous cloths for sewing, typical japanese ones, comic style with onepiece or hamtaro design or simple flower design, quite a big variety for a little mall. Later I headed for my beloved hyakuen shop, where I purchased two ricebowls and a cup for me. The ricebowls though were presents for Emiko-san, she had birthday yesterday. There wasn’t much more to do, so I left and took the monorail for one station befor getting off again and going all the way to the supermarket that laid on the way. I got in, tucked some icecream and porkslices (they were cheapier today, on tuesdays they sell a lot of things for 77¥ about 80cent) into my basket, paid and bought 2 melon cream soda at the vending machine (ooooh how i love it, favourite drink!)
Getting home, Emiko-san was at a conference, so I packed her present, made dinner for myself and got a call from my mom to update her on the latest news. I watched some program about orcas later and then Emiko-san came home and made herself dinner. I went up to ny room and got ready for bed, because I’m going to work tomorrow, so byebye!





Huuuuge apple


One pair of new socks


Meron soda~


3 thoughts on “A short trip to Nagasaki-ya

  1. These days come from time to time where you feel a bit down my love, but it was good talking to you today and I hope it made you feel better. At least I felt much better after that talk – Everything will be fine. Love you lots sweetie xxxxxxxxxxx

  2. Hey ! my wee darling if you get down just listen to monty python’s “Always Look On The Bright Side Of Life” and dont forget we’re all thinking of you ,
    lots of scottish hugs also to the wee monkey xx

  3. Hihihihihi… Those New socks Look awesome!
    Always remember that we’re all thinking of you and are VERY proud of you!
    Sending you Lots of kisses, hugs and Love, you’ll Be Fine Honey!

    Paul says Hi, too 😉

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