A calm workday

Here I was again, getting up around 8o’clock to accompany Tetsuo-san to work. We left 8:55 and had a calm, a little crowded trip to ochanomizu, but right on the highway to Tokyo I remembered that I had left my purse at home. Getting there around 10:15, I got some small job, just to help the others out. After that I once again had some copy and paste work to do – 10 pages worth of googleanswers, just the links though. Fujie-san wanted me to do it for researchpurposes. Having finished that I fooled around a little more before I went out to have lunch with Suzuki-san and Micchan. We went to a seafood restaurant Micchan favoured a lot and I got myself some bacon, rice, misosoup and other side dishes while the other took some fishbowl with sashimi and rice in big size. Like everything I don’t like much, it’s not that it tastes bad, but you need to know what to combine to make it taste good and my bacon wasn’t different. Though the problem was I had to stuff my mouth so full to my it taste good so that was barely able to chew, it was a little difficult. All three of us complained about being so full. Anyways, Micchan and I got back to the company alone, Suzuki-san wanted to buy something in Akihabara so he went over. We came in and Fujie-san asked me to copy and paste some more links and so i did 5 more pages. After that, I only studied a little more japanese before Tetsuo-san took me out to Minami Asagaya, a part of Westtokyo and a really nice living area, though it takes about 35min with the subway from Ochanomizu. He had some things to do, and after half an hour we rode back, getting to the company by 5:45PM, where we bought dinner in the convinience store beneath. The people left at work came together at the conferencedesk and had their obento for dinner, including nice talks and some learning for me. It was around 8:15 before I left the company to head home, taking two really delicious apples from fukushima with me. They really are awesome in taste! I came home 22:40 and directly went to bed, tired as hell and maybe a little ill. Good night to you, n seeyou!




Yellow ginkotrees


Ochanomizu and Sudobashi


New monorail, really comfortable


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