Tetsuo-sans return

Those past days have been quite calm and non exciting, since I’ve been alone at home most of the time with Tetsuo-san still being in Italy and Emiko-san working part-time.
I can’t say today was utterly exciting, but at least I came out of the house today. Eniko-san went to work today, too, so I sat in the diningroom, listening to music and packing presents, until Emiko-san got back around half past 1. I drove to the postoffice together with Emiko-san so I could send my box with christmaspresents home (holy crap, expensive as hell) and after having done that I ate some little lunch, went upstairs until dinner was ready.
Had some really nice curry japanese style with rice, tasted very good. After finishing we watched TV and a report about ‘supa ninkinmushi’ came on. ‘Supa ninkinmushi’ are some sort of mutated huge fleas, they bite and you get really ugly, itchy marks that leave deep scars. They are labeled as pest-insects because you can’t get rid of them, aside from letting all your furniture be backed in a huge stove with over 90ºC and their population grows very fast too. The girl they interviewed said she got traumas and couldn’t sleep because she got so afraid of being bitten, kinda really scary and disgusting.
I went to shower to clear my mind of things and when I came out again, Tetsuo-san had already arrived. We talked a lot and had some fun and then he found the oysters the post brought the other day so he started cracking them all to only get the meat and freezed it. I tasted a little raw piece and they are very salty but not disgusting at all, actually everytine i’ve eaten oyster in some kind of variation it just had a faint taste and nothing more.
I proceeded to go upstairs in my room because I wanted to do some more things before going to bed early. Now it’s early in another way.
Anyways, I should really go to bed now, we’re going on a trip tomorrow again, so you won’t hear from me the next two days. Where I was and what I was doing there I’m telling you next time!



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