Full trains and how to overcome

Tokyo. That was my destination today. I got up early to get out of the house at 9AM so I could catch my train to Tsuga station for my drive to Tokyo. Even though Tetsuo-san isn’t in Japan this week, he said I should look by the company for some hours and that’s what I did, I came to the company around 11o’clock. We ate lunch just 45min later, though we didn’t go for a restaurant, no, be ordered us some Obento’s from HottoMotto, a famous Obento-‘fast-food’ chain here in Japan. It was really, really fun, because we were 7 people and had an official introductionround when we started eating, somehow Suzuki started it, but I was thankful, there were some questions that got answered. That’s how my day at work went by, we ate and after that I studied japanese and did some copy and paste work in excel. Then, after leaving work, I stopped in Akihabara on my way home. I finally took a look into such a gamearcade and i went like ‘WOW *3*’. It was huge and kn every floor there were other gamemachines. One floor had some partner and bodygames and photobooths and another one had lots of fight and egoshooter games and I so badly wanted to sit down and play some egoshooter but I had no time and not really any balls to sit down as the only girl with guys looking weirdly either. So, I left. As I said, I was kinda in a hurry since it was already late, heading to the station to get home was my plan, but shit happens. First I got somehow lost, not finding the right train, but when I did, the one for Chiba had just left and I didn’t want to stay cramped up in a train where I had to switch anyways, so I let the first one pass without any further notice. The second one wasn’t the right one either and since most of the people boarded the train I had the chance to save me a place at the topfront of the line for the next train – and then it came. It didn’t leave, the train had closed doors (even opened then a second time for more people to board and there was still space though i thought it was impossible) so it was really cramped in there after the doors closed a second time, but it still didn’t leave, they stood there for 10 minutes straight, having no space to even breathe before there was some station attendent who said there was something and the passengers had to get off again. Great! I thought, standing there with about 600 people on a train station was already uncomfortable (must’ve looked craaazy btw) but what I feared the most was the trainride itself. Considering I wasn’t actually that much in a hurry I didn’t board the train that came after the defect one left after around 25minutes of not knowing whats happening. This train was overflowing with people, I already stood near the beginning of the train where there are less people boarding, but still the scene unfolding in front of ny eyes reminded me a lot of that famous video, where station attendents were pushing in the people into the trainwagon. As the train slowly passed by me I saw that the other wagons weren’t that different, people pressed hard against the glasswindow of the door. Aside from not being in a hurry, it was a wrong train anyways. I took the train after that and luckily I still stood near the entrance, but I sensed it was going to be cramped nevertheless. But there’s a trick to avoid the most pushing (not always but it’s helpful at times). Between the two doors on each side of a wagon there is a row of seats and in front of those seats it’s less cramped because there aren’t any handles aside from the ones in front of the sitting people and often people are too lazy to push through the whole mess. It was a chaotic ride back but luckily i had such a place a less crowded place to stand so it was at least not that bad. We arrived in Chiba, I took the monorail home and ate some dinner, watched a little TV and got some things ready. Si Ju ;D


Our lunchtable, yummy Obento!




One thought on “Full trains and how to overcome

  1. Does Tetsuo have 7 employees?? I wasn’t aware of that. How many of them, beside Suzuki-san speak English? Riding the train seem to be a very painful and stressful matter during the rush hours in Tokyo – and after looking at your pictures with all these illuminated billboards, they don’t really care about costs for electricity, do they? xxxx PoK Mum

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