A little tour through central Chiba

Today wasn’t such a special either, quite calm. I tidied up my room (it looked like hell, what else) took a good, long, relaxing shower and got dressed for my evening out. Before I left 4PM i grabbed some gyoza that Kataoka-san, their housekeeper, offered me and some apple. Both were very good, especially the gyoza – mhh some garlic bomb! So I got to the monorail station and had just missed my ride, but luckily they drive frequently. I came to Chiba around 16:40 and started my tour. Just a 2 minute walk from the station you’ll come across that 17 story building I mentioned some days ago and some more minutes of walking into the building you’ll come across another shopping passage, with a lot of little cramped stores, many selling the same thing, but the pricedifferences are quite high. They mostly sell either hairaccessories, bags, socks and tights, shoes or clothes. But I didn’t want to look at the same thing for 4 times in a row so I got out of there and took my noncoordinated stroll through the bigger, yet less livelier streets with many restaurants lining them. It was already dark outside, giving the lights the opportunity to dip the city in a whole different, more homey atmosphere, which made ‘just walking around’ a lot of fun and helped forget my frustration. Frustration from not finding what I was looking for, because there was actually a purpose behind my trip. I needed to purchase some thing, but shopping here is a very difficult task because the japanese culture, society, whatever has a completely different way of selling things they have a seperate store for fruit, vegetables and meat, fresh things in general, then they have drugstores for cosmetic-things only and some drinks and babyequipment, a third sort of shop is a conbini where you are able to purchase instantnoodles, sweets, drinks, magazines and stuff likes this. But there are barely shops around for things as pens and paper, wrapping paper or such. You only get them in ‘hyakuen’ shops (1€ shops) which actually are quite rare and the variety isn’t very big either. And hell, aside from the hyakuen shops, it’s disturbingly expensive here, you may not realize it while shopping groceries, but when it comes to cloths and exspecially cosmetics thr prices shoot up high. Deodorant for example, you only get it in a small or extra big can – the extra big can costs around 800-900¥. Keeping this in mind, you can between exactly 4 sorts of different fragances. Wow. Ok, they have some perfume-like small bottles, too, but they are also very expensive. Anyways, I didn’t find what I was looking for so I wanted stop by the hyakuen shop in Tsuga. Heading for the monorail station in walked through some more shops, bought a burger and finally came to the station where i got on the train to Tsuga. Finally finding what I searched for so long I grabbed the things, paid and headed home via monorail again. Emiko-san came home just before me, with the monorail as well, so we supposse we took the same but didn’t see each other. We sat down, talked a bit and I started packing christmaspresents while watching tv. 3 angels for charlie, veronica mars, some super funny kpop variety show came on, then some kpop in japan show with ajax and bap and now i’m watching ‘tonari no kaibutsukun’, really funny! I’m going to bed soon, so have fun, take care and seeya! 😉


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