One sunday with Emiko-san

Heyhey! Lazy as ever, and since it’s sunday, there wasn’t much to do anyways.
In the morning Tetsuo-san left for Italy, which I didn’t quite realized much, since I was still sleeping. I got down for lunch and just then Emiko-san wanted to go visit her mother, who’s living on the opposite side of the street, so I asked her if I could come, too. I felt bad for not having the balls to ask earlier, I hadn’t even properly introduced myself nor seen her.
She agreed and we went over. I got a little shocked when we came in and the TV was on highest volume, but Emiko-san explained that she has problems hearing. I bowed and introduced myself to two women, the left one sitting on the bed being Oba-chan (grandmother or elderly women/aunt, depends on the pronounciation) and the right one sitting on a chair introduced herself as Ito-san, some sort of housekeeper or maybe a friend. She asked me a lot of things, in japanese of course, but surprisingly I understood most of her questions since she talked loud and clear and quite slow, too. It helped me a lot and i could even answer some with one or two words. We had a decent talk, considering the circumstances, and somewhere along the lines, Oba-chan told me that she was already 98. Hell, i was surprised, because i expected her to be in her early 90’s maybe, but that made things a lot more understandable and I’m glad I finally found the courage to meet her.
We got home again and ate some small lunch. Somehow we got stuck in front kf the television the whole day, but it wasn’t the TV that made us sit there for hours, because we actually had a very nice, random and comfortable talk. Here I need to admit that I’m quite calm and quiet around those two, mainly because it’s hard to talk with Tetsuo-san, but also because it’s hard to manage which language to speak. Tetsuo-san and me always talk in english since his german lacks a lot, but Emiko-san remembers a lot and is actually quite fluent so with her it’s always german. You see the problem is, that regardless which language we use, if japanese, english or german, there’s always someone left out, so it is indeed really hard to have a decent, long conversation with the both of them simultaneously. I feel extremely uncomfortable leaving someone out, so it’s often me that surrenders and is the one left out, which in turn makes the other two a little awkward (oh i love that word!) and uncomfortable. It actually is quite complicated at the moment and I’m a little glad Tetsuo-san left for the week, so I can recover from last week and adapt to Emiko-san a little more and better. She also is a very good teacher, she is very calm, patient and good at explaining (additionally in german) so it’s easier to adapt to the logic of the japanese language with her help and there are rarely misunderstandings.
So we sat there until it was 10o’clock, had some tea and cake, and later some nice and calm dinner, very relaxing while watching ‘love actually’, one of my favourite movies. Plus it gave me the chance to introduce some really good actors to Emiko-san. Nice Evening.
Starting tomorrow it’s studystudystudy! I need to kick my ass and try to make more progress!

So see you soon buddys! Oh and happy 1st Advent! 🙂


One thought on “One sunday with Emiko-san

  1. Glad första advent, Gullungen! Du har haft en väldigt intensiv tid de här första tre veckorna sa ta det lugnt nu den här veckan – du fixar det. Massor med pussar o kramar, mum

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