Tired Douyoubi.

Douyoubi is the japanese word for saturday. And it was very lazy, I felt incredibly tired.
Got up at 12:30 (i was awake for two hours already but stayed in bed) und went down to eat some lunch, Emiko-san went out just then and Tetsuo-san was somehow busy with preparations for tomorrow. He’ll fly to Italy for 4 days tomorrow morning, so i’ll stay at home alone with Emiko-san. Anyways, I went upstairs again to lazy around little but more and around 14:30 Tetsuo-san asked me if I wanted to follow him, he wanted to buy something. I expected us to just drive to the next conbini to make some quick shopping, but instead we drove to central Chiba und for the first time since my arrival I got a good impression of how big it actually was. We parked in a 17 story parkhouse, the lowest 4 floors being stuffed with shoe and clothshops, an incredibly big supermarket devided into small shops each, specialized on each kind of food. The parkhouse itself was also connected to a shopping mall in the shopping district and it was just huge, and overwhelming. The one mall I walked in had 4-5 bag-shops and it wasn’t even a big mall, just a street about 100-150m long and one story. I had half an hour time to look around and of course i couldn’t get away from the shoes. Shoes are the only thing which really makes me happy. Aaaah i could spend all my money on them, luckily i didn’t bring my purse.
I met up with Tetsuo-san again and we went back home, of course the streets were full of cars and thats when I got really tired, Tetsuo-san not being in a better shape. Finally we got home and we sat down in the dining room, having a tea and a little serious talk to sum up how i’m doing and feeling. After that I went to rest in my room again and got down for dinner an hour later again. Somehow I stayed glued to the TV while Emiko-san was writing letters and Tetsuo-san packing things for his trip. After finishing ‘Herbie fully loaded’ I said my good night and went upstairs once more to lay down and enjoy my alone time.
So I’ve finished the things regarding my blog (except for editing but now it’s too late) and I’ll go to bed soon, sooo…

See You Soon!


The view down on Chiba from the top of the parkhouse


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