A calm yet interesting day

Very quiet today annd short to sum up, for change.
I got up 10AM und ate breakfast 11AM, went up to my room again and read some fanfics, as usual. At 14:30 Tetsuo-san asked me if I would like to follow him out. In the car we concluded that we had 3 missions. The first one, was to run some errand, drive some plants to a friend. We finished this task quickly so Tetsuo-san decided to fdrive me around the landlier areas to show me an oldfashioned shrine. He found the one he wanted to show me and it looked beautiful, the mini-ahorn-leaves coloured from green over faded yellow to deep red, the sun illuminating everything in cold yet friendly, autumnal light. The shrine itself was big and impressing, on the right side there stood a smaller, but still big shrine-like building, too, in front of it a tree as big as the house itself, long armes of wood reaching down, nearly touching the ground, but no leaves attached. Tetsuo-san said we need to visit in spring, wanting to show it to me while in full bloom – cherry blossoms. And lots of it.
We left again, eager to fulfill our second mission – refuel! Having done that, it was our last mission to buy some milk before we went back home again. It was a nice trip and I saw lots of ginkotree’s getting yellow, a lot of Kakitree’s (I’ve come to love kaki’s during the last 2weeks) and the landlier lifestyle of japan.
We came home and the rest of the day we only watched TV, but not just anything, but the NHK figure skating competition cjxhxh. AWESOME! Hanyu Yuzuru, soooo handsome and really an angel, so precious and his figure skating – exceptional. haaa~ He also won in yesterdays shortprogram and todays longrun. Though the girls were even more impressing, Asada Mao, also winner from yesterdays and todays perfomance, Suzuki Akiko, her performance today was excellent, i got goosebumps and she lost to Mao by only 0,05points. And third, Nagasu Mirai. All performances yesterday and today were breathtakingly beautiful.
Anyways, now I’m laying in bed, should actually already be asleep by now, but I never am when I should and I’m too excited! Tomorrow I’m going kn a 4-days trip to Kyushu, the southern Island of Japan. I don’t if or when I’ll be able to update again, since I’m not sure about the internetconnections in Kyushu, and when I come back next week, I’ll stay the night in Tokyo for we are going on a daytrip to Koriyama, driving with the shinkansen! Yay~ So maybe I won’t update for 5days, but then you will get an update worth 5posts. Or everything stays as it is now and I’ll update daily. We’ll see!









Cherryblossom tree and shrine



Crest of chiba prefecture


4 thoughts on “A calm yet interesting day

  1. Good luck and wish you an exciting trip down to southern Japan. I’ll be thinking of you and look forward to reading about your adventures in Kyushu. LoL my sweet heart!

  2. Hallo, Sweden calling… Fick “nya” e-mailadresser frĂ„n mamma och som bonus skickade hon Ă€ven den hĂ€r lĂ€nken. Vet inte vad jag förvĂ€ntade mig, men jag blev sĂ„ förvĂ„nad nĂ€r jag sĂ„g att du skriver pĂ„ engelska! Förvisso bĂ€ttre för mig Ă€n om du skrivit pĂ„ tyska, MEN min engelska Ă€r verkligen inte vad den borde vara och jag har ett fruktansvĂ€rt motstĂ„nd mot att att ens försöka lĂ€sa texter. DĂ€rför har jag just idag börjat ta nĂ„gra privatlektioner. BerĂ€ttade för min lĂ€rare att du skriver den hĂ€r resedagboken. “ItÂŽs a sign!” utropade hon. Med omedelbar verkan fick jag i stĂ„ende lĂ€xa att lĂ€sa dina berĂ€ttelser. Vill dĂ€rför bara tala om att jag med bĂ„de stor glĂ€dje och Ă€nnu större vĂ„nda tragglar mig igenom dina helt fantastiska texter och sĂ„ kommer att göra, Ă€ven om jag inte fortsĂ€ttningsvis kommer att kommentera. Vilken upplevelse för dig den hĂ€r resan Ă€r, sĂ„ mycket fantastiskt du fĂ„r se och vara med om och vilka trevliga mĂ€nniskor du fĂ„r möta! Kram Kajsa

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