A walk through Chiba

Ai, hello everyone again!
Yeah, today I got up at 12PM because I had my day off and thought it would be great to sleep as long as possible, since both Tetsuo-san and Emiko-san were out. Yet I also wanted to do something and not just laze around (as if I hadn’t done it the whole weekend).
So yesterday I decided to take a walk to get to know my neighborhood a little better and sit somewhere to savour the environment, maybe read a book and study some – that was at least my plan. At first I strolled through the streets of my neighborhood and somehow got to the supermarket around the corner (the one I said was kind of ew). Now that i had time to look through everything it had to offer, I realised that it wasn’t as crappy as I had the impression. Actually it was quite nice, and the meat and fish was very fresh. The other needable things you usually find in a supermarket lacked a little, but still it was nice.
Outside the market, I got myself my first japanese cellphone strap! Japanese ar crazy about those straps, everyone has one, even elderly and old people! I got my from a vending machine for toys, it’s a Chopper one! (you know, Chopper the elk from One Piece!) After that I continued my way, walking about 10 minutes, to the next monorailstation. I’ve always wondered what it was like to drive to the end and so I did. Actually I wanted to drive there, not get off and drive back, but when I laid my eyes on the shoppingarcade connected to the station I just had to get off and do some much needed shopping and looking around! I came in and was totally amazed, though it only was a little, quite cheap shoppingarcade. On the whole upper floor there were electronical equipment for your home, the floor connected to the monorailstation, the middle floor, had a shoe-shop, a cutesy-shop with stickers, merchandise, bags in various styles. Then there was a 100¥ shop, a bag-shop and some shop with cheap clothing for men. The lower floor had a sipermarket, a sushi-take-away, a shop for women’s needs (like socks, bras and overknees, tights and stuff like this) another restaurant and maybe my favourite shop in the whole arcade: a crêpes-shop. Why? Around 40-45 different variations of crepes, some with cheese and ham, with sausage, or the sweet version, fruits and cream or cream and icecream and whatnot. I actually rather not have crêpes, but this variety just screamed at me to test one and experience it’s awesomeness. Hell, my icecream, cream, caramelsauce and brittle was soooooo super delicious. Yummy!
Before I had this delicious treat I went through the cutesy-shop, looking at every shelf at least thrice! Everything was so cute and outlandish and so very enticing. I bought some stickers. Next I went to the 100¥ shop and did some shopping, I think I don’t need to explain what kind of things they have, everyone should be able to imagine that himself. Oh, and then I funally came around the shoe-shop. There weren’t that many super fancy shoes, but I still found a pair I had an inner conflict about (and I still have, like always when i see shoes I want to have). After looking around the other floors a little more, I came to that amazing crêpes-shop where I purchased my crêpes.
Then I got back to the monorail, because I also wanted to take a look at Tsuga, a quite big district in Chiba – at least that’s what I thought. Today I realised it only has about 10 stores and some restaurants. It is indeed a big place because it has a monorailstation and a trainstation, but other than that it’s actually very boring. The only thing I thought was cool was the book and dvd store, of course I bought some manga! Though I can’t read yet, I thought it would maybe be of help to have some simple and short sentences I could practise with plus, since I like manga I’d think of it as my motivation to practise. And it’s not like they are going to fade during the next 3 days, I can still start in 2 months if I haven’t made any bigger progress in learning. Yes, my weird thinking. Anyways, that was my last purchase for the day and so I got home, bags full of sweet little things, I was happy and my original plan just faded away somewhere during all the shopping.
Tomorrow I’m going for Tokyo, a little extra round of shopping but also a lot of sightseeing. So you can look forward to the pictures I have in store and the stories I have to tell!
Now it’s picture-spam-time!



Tetsuo-sans favourite flower in the garden when I left the house


EEH?! Kiwi? Yes, they grow in the garden of some houses.


Some lemons, too.


And yeah, those mandarins, too.


That's how a monorail looks like


My Chopper cellphonestrap


Sign for 'no doggiepoo allowed'


Nagasakiya, the shopping arcade in Chishirodai


How it looks like when you come in, the cutesy-shop




my crêpes


my purchased manga!


5 thoughts on “A walk through Chiba

  1. What a wonderful time this must Be for you, I’m sooooo jealous!
    Hell yeah, I’m booking my Flight asap! 🙂
    Love ya!

  2. I thought it was winter in Tokoy – how come there are still fruits and flowers in the gardens??? What a wonderful sight all these lemon, kiwi, manadrin trees are and Tetsuo’s dahlia flower is just beautiful! I suppose it never gets that cold like here….? LoL xxxxx Mum

  3. Kinda funny you’re posting this on the 21st of Nov while here it’s still the 20th. 😀
    but I’m enjoying your blog nevertheless. 🙂

  4. Ai Anna-San,
    can you tell me about the cost of living? I mean whats the price of things more or less expensive as Germany?
    xoxo Douglas

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