Every day a special day!

I’ve been to Japan for not even 4 days, yet I’ve seen so much already. Every day has so many things in store for me, only waiting to found and seen. Today wasn’t different, and it once again started with a messy morning, me waking up, rolling over and getting to sleep again. Luckily Emiko-san was there to wake me up, otherwise I would’ve been late – sounds familiar, doesn’t it? Anyway, yesterday evening during dinner with Emiko-san we talked about what I would do tomorrow. I told her I needed to head to work so we sat together and talked it out on how to get to work the best. She offered me to take the expresstrain leaving 9:40 but I couldn’t since I had to leave before 9 o’clock, yet this idea of taking the expresstrain had implanted itself into my brain so strongly that I decided to take the one leaving 8:40. – For explanation, the expresstrain only takes about 40 minutes from Tsuga/Chiba to Kinshicho (near the center of Tokyo) – Problem: It’s always very crowded especially during rush hours. So when I got on in Tsuga there was no place to sit but everyone had there place to stay and a little personal space. That mentioned personal space vanished like water in a dessert after 2 more stations – about 10 minutes later (where I even saw Fujiyama!) – and so I had to stand, cramped into one wagon with 100-150 people, rubbing against 3 of them simultaneously and being careful not to fall onto the oba-san (grandmother/aunt/ elderly woman in general) in front of me, for 30 minutes. Of course it was nerv-wrecking til no end, yet somehow it was very exciting and even kind of fun, but that may be because of my general fascination and addiction for this city or way of life. Getting off in Kinshicho and getting on the normal train heading for Ochanomizu I didn’t get much of a scenerychange, even this train was crowded as hell – rush hour. Many, if not all, people were for work – except me. I got off in Akihabara, my initial purpose of getting up earlier than usual. I wanted to stroll around the city and take a look for myself. Akihabara was the best decision, since it is the last station before the one i need to get off at, though at first it wasn’t that special, the shops and arcades not even open yet. Nevertheless I went along the mainstreet and off into some little sideway, lovely decorated with small shops, though those were very uninteresting. Everywhere I looked were posters of half naked cute anime girls with big boobs or some advertising for the latest games. But the mainthing Akihabara is known for are the popular arcades. I saw 3 Sega-arcades, each at least 4 stories high, about 50-100m away from each other. My luck, I went past one store just when it opened. Suddenly 7 blinds went up, exposing 7 employees declaring the opening of the arcade and trying to ‘seduce’ bystanders into coming to play some games. Actually I got a bit scared, though they all seemed nice but considering I was completely new to everything I got away and headed for the train station, watching how every shop opened their doors. When I got into the building something caught my eye – sweets. And not just sweets, but the super popular, expensive, complex and deliciously looking small cakes. Hell they looked awesome! thay even had some small hamburgerlike looking cookies or obento’s and a variety of different meat dishes. Oh, everything looked awesome, but I had no time to dwell much, so I went to my train and got off 3 minutes later, searched for a quiet place so I could eat breakfast before going to work. When I got there I greeted Micchan (very personal nickname, my first friend)

[EEEEEEH?!?!?! he deleted everything i wrote from here on ): anyway i’ll try to write it again]

and Fuji-san and was a bit surprised to see Tetsuo-san missing, but after 45 more minutes even arrived at work. I studied japanese and the other three got to their work.
Sometime during 1PM Tetsuo-san asked Micchan, Me and Fuji-san to go out for french lunch, but Fuji-san declined so he stayed back at the company while Micchan, Tetsuo-san and me went for french lunch in a restaurant, about 20m away from the company. It was delicious! (I’m afraid you get sick of this sentence because I say it everytime I try something new lol)
Lunch was something else today. It was very fun yet relaxing, I had some good talk with Micchan and I learned some new things. Micchan tends to praise me everytime I say something right or I learned something new, she is a very cute person. About 45 minutes later we ended our meal, said ‘gochisôsama deshita’ (It tasted great, thanks) and left for work again. I got some Powerpoint presentation from Tetsuo-san that he wanted me to look over and design, so that’s what I did for 4 tiring hours. In the meantime Tetsuo-san left for 1,5-2hours, which gave me the opportunity to talk to my 2 co-workers. They are so cute, I have a hard time at worked to contain my squealing. Fuji-san is always considerate about helping me, he has made some copies for me, showed me his program/dictionary which he uses to improve his english and german with. He always tries to do it right and that’s something very precious about him, though he’s very hard to understand if you don’t him. Micchan on the contrary is very shy and hesitant about talking to me, I got the thought that she isn’t capable of speaking english, but Tetsuo-san said to me yesterday that she actually should be qualified enough (meaning that she’s had some englishlessons before). But it occurs, though she’s very hesitant, she still is very curious about me and getting to know me, always trying to talk me in japanese, hoping for me to understand her, which I sadly don’t do. During those 2hours we were alone, she asked for my last name and if I could write it down for her, so I did and she got back to her desk, practising how to pronounce it right, writing down the Katakana for it and all. Hell she sounded so cute and looked so precious, desperately trying to learn my last name. I’m anticipating the moment where I’ll be able to talk to her without having bigger difficulties.
I’ve grown very accostumed to both during my 3 days at work and they already are very precious to me. I like both a lot.
Tetsuo-san got back around 5o’clock and presented me with my new work-mailadresse, instantly asking of me to write him and Micchan and even Emiko-san and Kerstin. He is such a fun guy.
But then it started. I just sat there, working on powerpoint until Tetsuo-san called me, I looking up from my desk it took me some time to realise everything was shaking. My eyes grew big excitement and I even squealed a little bit. My very first earthquake (though it was only a small one). It felt weird to see and feel everything shaking, especially houses since you always thought they weren’t able to move, yet all this moving was the reason why it felt so exciting and funny!
I mean you can’t go to japan if you’re scared of earthquakes, that would be like going to an amusementpark without wanting to rideany rollercoasters – so where’s the fun? Tetsuo-san even told me that last week they had 2 earthquakes, it sounds like a lot but in japan it’s actually common.
Oh that was exciting! And soon after that we made our way back home by car, talking, teaching and laughing during our ride back. When we arrived home we prepared a little dinner and ate it while watching TV. Japanese television surely is one of the most entertaining things I’ve ever watched! Even though I don’t understand yet, I love to watch Naruto, Shinchan or stuff like that, but that’s not all. We watched programs about japanese ramen in germany and how that crazy japanese guy travelled trough germany on his mission to find the hottest and spicy-est ramen . Hilarious! Or a program about grinding teeth, their noises and what teeth look like after years of torture, very interesting actually.
Anyways, I went up to my room at 9 o’clock and now I’m here.

So that’s about it. Seeyouuuu~


delicious pastry


french cuisine pt. 1 salad


french cuisine pt. 2 fish


french cuisine pt. 3 applepie


tokyo autobahnsign


Mh, who knows him?


some weird glass that can't tip over


popular pocky!


2 thoughts on “Every day a special day!

  1. The small pastries do look very delicious and delicate – yummy. But where’s the end of today’s story? Did you fall asleep in the middle of the sentence?? I’m so curious to read about your adventurers I can’t wait till tomorrow. Förresten; Var har du lärt dig skriva sa bra? Kerstin och jag är fulla av beundran och förvaning…. Det är bade fantastiskt bra och underhallande. Fortsätt pa det viset! PoK Mum

    • hihi thanks for your lovely support mommi ❤
      bra att de är underhållande, va lite bekymrad om de faktist. hehe o skriva så bra har jag lärt mej av läsa fanfics 😛 😉 har du set vad bra emma kann skriva då? jette duktigt! men tack för komplimenten 🙂 very bemüht om att allt låter bra 🙂

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