My trip home alone and some delicious gyu don!

Haha, Hello~
So today started kind of weird yet nicely. I woke up to the bell, or rather music of the daily routine of school on the other side of the street. I’ll somehow try to show you the next days.
I got ready on time, but lost time during breakfast so we still got away from home 15minutes late, with the little difference that today we took the car!
Coming out on the street to tokyo we soon got somehow stuck up in the middle of an 15km long bumper-to-bumper traffic jam. (yeah right, thank you leo xd)
Thinking about what the reason could be, we guessed and guessed, completely disregarding what Tetsuo-san had told me just 5min before getting stuck up. The reason being, that every 5th, 10th, 15th, 20th, 25th and 30th the traffic nearly doubles on this street because everyone wants to get out their deliveries and money. And, you pay for driving this street.
After about 1,5h of waiting and learning some japanese with Tetsuo-san, we got to work safely. For lunch we went to the little restaurant just across the street and ordered two ‘gyu don’ – berrrry delicious!
Today wasn’t very busy so I was allowed to leave earlier and this time – alone! I of course took this chance to at least look around ochanomizu a little bit more than just to go to and come from the station. Oh it was totally worth it, really lovely way of life here in tokyo.
Either way, I looked around the station and about 20min after leaving work, I finished my looking and got on the train home. Finding my way perfectly fine, even though I took some detours to look around, my day already took an end. The evening was spent together with Emiko-san and delicious sandwiches and after dinner I watched Pokemon and Naruto There isn’t much left say, only that I’m very tired~ so i’ll go to sleep now~ do well!

Seeyaa! ;D


'weiße weihnacht' - mal anders


a part of Ochanomizu


Mate from COCACOLA


The school outside my door


Sumo! There are 4 tournaments yearly and the one now started 4days ago and takes a total of 15days


Pokemon~ :3


One thought on “My trip home alone and some delicious gyu don!

  1. So exciting – going home with the train on your own already the second day – without knowing or being able to read a work Japanese! I’m looking forward to reading your diary every day to learn about your new experiences. LoL Mum

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